You should bargain when you shop in local markets to get the good deal.
Warning: Not recommend to buy any from street venders
The official currency in Vietnam is Dong (VND). US Dollars and Euro are also accepted in many of big shops and restaurants. Various other currencies are easy to exchange in banks and even at the reception desk. Make sure that the Vietnamese notes you receive are not torn, because shops and restaurants will not accept them. The largest denomination is currently 500,000 Dong (approx. US$ 22). Be careful because the 20,000 note looks only slightly different from the 500,000 one but the value is a big gap. You should keep all 500,000 Dong notes separate from your other Dong notes to avoid confusion. Other notes are: 200.000VND/ 100.000VND/ 50.000VND/ 20.000VND/ 10.000VND/ 5.000VND/ 2.000VND/ 1.000VND (and 500VND/ 200VND - not popular cause the lowest value).
We are NOT recommend you to take any random taxi - because there are many tricks! 
What to do:
Reliable taxis: Mai Linh (green taxi), Hanoi Taxi,
Great recommend: Grab is the best option ever!


1. Visit the Hanoi Old Quarter.

2. Walk around the Hoàn Kiem Lake.

3. Talk to students.

4. Visit Hỏa Lò Prison (former prison, now museum).

5. Have an egg coffee and slow down.

6. Visit Musuem Of Ethonology.

7. Visit the West lake & Tran Quoc Pagoda.

8. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

9. Become a PRO in bargaining.

10. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.

11. Vietnam Military Museum.

12. Temple of literature - First university of Vietnam.

13. Experience traffic jam.

14. Driving a motorbike in town.

15. Learn to cross the street – Vietnam-Style.

16. Go Shopping in Hanoi.

17. Fall in love with the Vietnamese cuisine.

18. Take a Vietnamese cooking class.

19. Visit The Old City Gate (O Quan Truong).

20. Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

21. Get a Banh Mi.

22. Have a Hanoi Beer Hoi - Hanoi beer corner.

23. Get around with a Cyclo.

24. Get a handmade stamp (or a customized one).

25. Imperial citadel of Thang Long.

26. Visit Hanoi Old house.

27. Trip to Sa Pa.

28. Escape to Ha Long Bay.

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